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In Swan Hills and Beyond, Choose Our Efficient and Safe Vacuum Trucks

Providing safe oilfield hauling services in northern Alberta and surrounding areas, our vacuum trucks at Spilak Tank Truck Service Ltd are operated by highly-trained professionals who get the job done.

Our well-equipped fleet includes the following acid and pressure trucks:

Combination Vac

  • Legal load: 8 m³ 
  • Infield road: 12 m³
  • Wash water: 4 m³
  • Wash pump volume: 14 gal/min
  • Burner: 750,000 BTU
  • Steam capabilities
  • Straight Vac
  • Straight Vac

Straight Vac 

  • Legal load: 10 m³ 
  • Off road: 16 m³
  • Floater tires for working in soft terrain

Vac Truck with Trailer Configurations 

  • Pup trailer legal: 13m³
  • Infield: 16m³
  • Quad trailer legal: 17m³
  • Infield: 20m³


  • Legal load: 7.0 m³
  • Infield load: 12 m³
  • Wash water: 4 m³
  • Wash pump volume: 14 gallon per minute
  • Burner BTU: 1,000,000
  • Steam capabilities


  • Water capacity: 6m³
  • Pressure washer: 3500 psi
  • Dual wash wands
  • Burner BTU: 1,000,000
  • Ability to produce dry steam for 24 hours

Please note that all cubic metre volumes are based on 1000kg/m³.

Are you about to start new oil project and need a vacuum truck? Contact our expert team today to discuss how we can help you.

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